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Facebook And Instagram Ad Variables To Test
This post is about Facebook and Instagram ad variables to test for better performance on your ads. This can help you pay less for your advertising, reach the right audience and convert to more sales and leads.

We have 3 top variables we test. Then, with these 3 top variables there are 3 versions of each. That’s why it’s called the 3×3 Ad Testing Formula.

Let’s break down each Facebook and Instagram ad variable.

1st Variable: 3 Audiences

This variable consists of 3 different cold audiences that you feel is your target audience. It is always good to deeply test audiences because they can make or break your ads.

If you have a large audience (not geo-targeted), I would start with this variable first.

Test 3 audiences, with what you feel is the best creative and best copy.

2nd Variable: 3 Creatives

This variable is can be both graphics and video. I would AT LEAST test one video for your creative. We typically do a minimum of 3 creative, sometimes more!

To simplify, I recommend 2 graphics and 1 video.

Test these with only one audience. You can narrow that audience by doing variable #1 first.

When you have a smaller, geo-targeted audience, you may want to start with testing creative instead of audiences.

Either way works!

3rd Variable: 3 Copies

This variable is what you write in the post itself. I recommend trying 3 different types.

This can be 3 completely different offers to see what people resonate with.

Or this can be same offer, but 3 different versions.

Be sure to test LONG copy (10-50 lines) and SHORT copy (1-5 lines).

Now, this can vary even more with dynamic ads, where you can test all creative at the same time. But, that’s for another post (coming soon).

After you have finished the 3×3 method, I recommend looking at these additional variables.



Additional items under ‘breakdown’ (there are many!)

And, I must mention, one of my favorites to test are Instagram Stories Ads. These are specifically meant for Stories, so placement is done for you. The creative should be done differently too. You need vertical graphics and videos and no copy.

I hope this post simplifies your process of testing your ads. There really are hundreds of variables, but we don’t need to go that deep to save you money and convert more leads and sales!