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7 Reasons your Business Should be using Facebook and Instagram Ads
I am sure you have heard that many businesses use Facebook and Instagram ads to grow their business. Maybe you are. Maybe you’ve thought about it. Maybe you just don’t believe it will work for you business. I’m writing this post to share with you facts about why (pretty much no matter what your business) your business should be using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Reason #1:

Facebook is the #2 Largest Digital Publisher in the World
This comes in right behind Google. Need I say more? Basically, whether you think so or not, your audience is on Facebook.

Reason #2:

Instagram is owned by Facebook
Most of you know that Instagram is owned by Facebook. But, why is this important? It is important to realize that the advertising power of Facebook is part of Instagram too.
Facebook’s targeting can be used in ads on both platforms. Instagram’s engagement can be used on both platforms. You can choose to put your ads on Instagram or Facebook. Your choice. All runs through the Facebook ads manager platform.
Lots of power behind ads and now we have Instagram’s platform too!

Reason #3:

Facebook is the Largest audience of social media users
I hear often (especially lately) businesses say, “My audience is not on Facebook.” or “Everyone is leaving Facebook.” or “Does anyone use Facebook anymore?”
Yes, I understand Facebook has gone through lots of changes over the last few years, but there are still teens using it, there are still elderly using it. It has a wide range and the #1 social media site. No other site even comes close to the amount of active users right now.
Check out this awesome chart on what happens in an internet minute.
1 million people log in every minute per day!
347,222 people scroll through Instagram every minute!

Reason #4:

Best Ad targeting to reach your right audience
Facebook and Instagram have a lot of data on people within their platform. They also pull (some) from 3rd party data. You can target moms, other page interests, behaviors, business owners…so much targeting. The options are endless!
You can learn a lot about your audience and dig even deeper into who your audience is and what their interests are with the free Facebook tool called Audience Insights Tools.

Reason #5:

Most Cost effective advertising today!
Where are you currently advertising? Do you pay for Google ads? Do you send postcards, run radio, tv or magazine ads, or billboards?
If you answered yes to any of these, you really understand the cost of advertising. Facebook advertising does not even reach close to the money you spend on any of what these charge.
Will Facebook be raising their prices? Some day – yes. But, for now, your dollar will go further with Facebook in terms of brand awareness, click-through rate and conversion. So, take advantage of this!

Reason #6:

Ads achieve brand awareness, engagement, traffic & Sales!
There are multiple goals you can use for your ads with Facebook, from brand awareness to conversions. All of which, with the right strategy, can work in conjunction with each other.
For instance, here’s a very basic example. Drive traffic to your website, then set up a retargeting ad to that traffic.

Reason #7:

Prediction: Instagram’s Organic reach will drop – It will become more forced pay over the next year
Sure, right now you can get lots of organic reach and engagement with Instagram with the right blend of posts, stories and hashtags. A couple years ago, there was much more! It reminds me of the way Facebook used to be before they changed the algorithm to reach less people and force a paid option.
Believe me, this is where Instagram is heading. It will be necessary to pay for ads in the near future (helps currently too).

These are my top 7 reasons your business should be using Facebook and Instagram ads.