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Become A Contact
If you haven’t realized that Americans no longer pick up their phones when they don’t already know you, you either live under a rock or have no need to meet new people. The rapid switch from habitually picking up a ringing phone to never picking up (nor hearing) your phone has happened in less than two generations. And it is not surprising because the rise of robo-calls and telemarketers has made every American annoyed at their phone.

A cultural shift in the population should result in a shift in your behavior.

Getting your critical contact information into the phones of anyone you ever want to speak to is important. Even your friends and family. In the past, our telephone service providers were in charge of Caller ID. Now, everyone is in charge of their own. If I didn’t put you in my phone, you will not come up as a name and a number. My phone now tells me you are a stranger and I’ll ignore you.

So make sure to set up a PROFESSIONAL contact of yourself in your phone. What does that consist of? There are eleven components, so open up a new Contact and insert this information.

1. Your First Name

2. Your Last Name

3. Your professional title

4. Your work (professional) phone number

5. Your personal/work cell number

6. Name of your company (on the first Street Address line)

7. Street address

8. City, State, Zip

9. Your LinkedIn URL

10. Your agency/business website

11. A professional photo (mostly your face)

Now practice sending it to people that probably don’t have it. Make sure anyone who refers you sends your contact FOR YOU so that new person has you in their phone. Never leave a conversation with a new person without offering your Digital Business Card. Say “I know that if I don’t give you my Digital Business card, you won’t know it’s me calling you. Give me your cell number and I’ll do it right now.” And with their cell number, you now start a new contact IN YOUR PHONE with their information.

Make this a habit.