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Mike Steranka Headshot

Mike Steranka

Producer, Entrepreneur and Advisor

Mike Steranka is one of the top Annuity Producers each year since 2000. He has produced over $450M and has averaged over $35M in annual annuity production each year since 2006. Advisors across America are turning to Mike Steranka for guidance as a top producer in the annuity and insurance industry. With the release of The E-Myth Financial Advisor: Why Most Financial Advisory Practices Dont Work and What to Do About It, Mike is showing financial advisors everywhere exactly how to build a successful financial planning practice while enjoying a balanced life. Mike Steranka, while the CEO of Millersville-based Retirement Planning Services, co-authored The E-Myth Financial Advisor with small business expert, and author Michael Gerber. Though Mike is a Financial Advisor, the principles he lays out in The E-Myth Financial Advisor can be used to build a thriving financial planning practice business regardless of type or size. Mike is semi-retired and lives in Palm Beach, Florida. Mikes in-depth knowledge of annuities, insurance, tax and education-related planning will help you grow your business. While most Advisors have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of being a financial advisor, far fewer have the training or experience needed to run a successful business. The E-Myth Financial Advisor combines Gerbers business development expertise with Sterankas experience in implementing financial advisory practice management systems to bridge the gap between Advisor and entrepreneur. Mike Sterankas programs serve as a blueprint for building a practice that attracts qualified clients and produces exceptional work, while allowing time for family and a fulfilling life outside of work. The systems and processes Steranka developed in his own financial planning practice are equally valuable