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Dan Gallo

Dan Gallo is a +30 year small business veteran with extensive experience turning start-ups into growth businesses. He’s a leading authority on Small Business and leveraging business communications and sales process to build a growth business. Wall Street investment bankers hired him to develop the communication strategy for over 350 Initial Public Offerings and Debt Offerings raising over $3.8Bn. And he was hired to serve as the Small Business expert for a major supplier initiative led by IBM, CitiGroup, AT&T, FedEx, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase Bank. Gallo is now building a leading-edge digital behavioral health and well-being Benefits Company and leveraging his experience to help insurance agents and financial advisors dramatically grow their business. Gallo brings enthusiasm and passion to everything he does, and he’s particularly passionate about serving independent and small business owners. Gallo has appeared on CNN’s “Business Unusual” and has been interviewed in numerous publications, including Fortune Small Business, Knowledge Management, Information Week, Internet Week, Technology Magazine, and Business Journal. Gallo has formed a partnership with InsuranceWebX as their benefits expert. He will be teaching agents and advisors how to leverage benefits to reengage with past and current clients and prospects as well as how to position benefits to close more sales.
Specialties: Benefits Expert